Hot Air – Romance of Hot Air Balloon Flight

Few days ago I was watching a football match between Brisbane Lions and Adelaide Crows and I was supporting to Brisbane Lions in that match. It was a tough match and my team lost that. I was also not happy for that massive win of Adelaide Crows.

I was getting so weird so I decided to play some online game. Soon I went through an online casino website and selected an event named “Hot Air”.

Theme of that contest was looking very impressive that’s why I chosen that. First of all I was looking for some free spins because I really didn’t want to take any risk. Before playing on that slot machine I wanted to be perceived from all the factors of that event.

When I had finished reviewing that pokie, I started to play that game. The game was from Microgamming library, and I was glad to see that because I really like to participate in microgamming events. It contained thirty pay lines and five reels.

And one of the surprising facts for that game was that, it was not for the people who bet higher, it was for mid stakes players who bet on medium wager amount. The minimum wager amount for that slot is just 0.01 dollar per spin and the maximum wager amount is 15 dollar per spins.

The game was looking nice. It was having a good theme and some fantastic graphics with some of different cool features and symbols because it was totally based on the romance of hot air balloon flight. I played that contest for 2 hours in which I won most spins. During that I won a jackpot of $100. I lost some chances too but it could not affect my total collection.

I liked that so much because it was full of such amazing animations. It was an extremely horrific experience for me because that slot machine was not so easy to play but I am sure if you will play that contest you will definitely enjoy. I would really love to suggest you to play this pokie.