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Pokie casino games have been in existence for quite a while in New Zealand. The games have been introduced in the pubs, land casinos and also in the clubs. The first time pokies game was played in New Zealand was in the 1990 and with time the people of New Zealand have come to embrace the casino game leading to the introduction of about 18,000 pokies machines.

Pokie games to enjoy at New Zealand

Basic glossary

First off learn the different terms that are used in the casino games to describe the games. Some of these words include;


This is the feature that plays different spins automatically.

Bet Max

This is the feature that shows the maximum betting lines available at the game.

Bonus feature

This is the feature that consists of various rules of a game such that if the player can accomplish the task required, he is awarded free payouts.

Expanding wild

This is a symbol that is different from other symbols. The emblem creates different and unique combinations that enable the player to win.

Fixed jackpot

This is a jackpot that pays out at a fixed value.

Free spin

This refers to reel spin that does not affect your deposits.


This is a symbol that multiplies a player’s win by a given set of numbers.

Pay line

This is a line of symbols that contains different winning combinations.


This is a table that presents all the given winning combinations for players to select.

Progressive jackpot

The kind of jackpot that grows in value. Every bet you make a percentage of it is taken to contribute to the jackpot.


This is the spinning wheel of the machine.


This is a symbol that can land on any given reel after a spin and provide a winning combination.

Sticky wild

This is the symbol that is constant in one place until you fulfill the required rules, you cannot be able to move it.


This is the symbol found on the reel, and it helps in the combination of the wins.


This is the substitute symbol that the players can use to increase their chances of winning.

Bonus rounds and scatters

These two features are found in the online slots. The scatter pays are usually offered in the case where more than one spreads appear on the screen. Note that the scatters may not necessarily appear on the same line. The bonus scatters round may give the player a chance to have spins that range from three to fifty. Also, in the case where you hit the scatter around on your free coins, you are added more spins to the game. So this is the most rewarding feature on the game. Also, other elements such as unique symbols can as well help you win bonuses.

243 and 1024 ways-to-win pokies

These are other features that give the players opportunities to win. The two pokies do not necessarily have pay lines and the players win when three or more symbols appear on an adjacent reel which has to occur on either left or right side. 243 online pokies consist of 3-row symbols while 1024 has a total of 4 rows.

Best online pokies jackpot

The fifteen pay line classic is one of the easiest and the best jackpot game on the market. It is equipped with high features, and the customers have full chances of winning as well. Also, the casino has a great progressive

Jackpot for you to enjoy

The best company produces the online pokies referred to as Aristocrat. This is known as the best and broad pokies manufacturing company worldwide. Their pokies are played at the casinos, bar and even clubs. They have also introduced the games online where the players can easily access them at any time.

The best online casino game in New Zealand

There are so many casino games available in New Zealand. To learn about the best site to play with visit various sites that update the players on different available games on the internet.

Online pokies Tip

Although the pokies games are simple and straightforward, it is advisable that you learn a few tips especially if you are a beginner.
These tips include
• Note the number of pay lines when selecting the number of pay lines. Also, know the number of coins that can be played on every track.
• Know the betting max of the game. This helps you see how much you need for betting and it also provides different betting possibilities.
• Know the right coin size is essential for betting by first by determining how much you need per spin.
• When selecting the game slot to play, it is advisable that you reduce the coin to bet with rather than the pay lines.