Property Management in Auckland

We believe that our business is a top-quality company in this field, and you won’t be disappointed in what we can offer you for quality service and the best practices. Ray White Remuera Property Management Limited is primarily focused on the wider community of Remuera but also has owners and tenants in nearby suburbs. We provide skilled tradespeople, debt collection and expert property management inspections, and more. “Cobb Property employs cutting-edge online property management systems that eradicate paperwork, allowing us concentrate on what’s most important the needs of our clients.” He was willing to go above and beyond to help us in our unique circumstances.

“Secondly, a special thanks to my current Property Manager too-Robin Yang, for being exemplary in his approach and management abilities Are you interested in knowing the value of your property? For a confidential, no-obligation appraisal, please get in touch. Our team is able monitor whether 0 percent of our portfolio is vacant for more than five days in a year. We will not bid against you and we definitely won’t share the address of the property with anyone else.

Stop Juggling Repairs At Midnight And Insecure Tenants On Your Own

Read more about central auckland property management here. Our business is focused on taking the stress and stress out of property management. With over 45 years’ experience in the business and a committed Auckland-wide team, we will be your ears, eyes and brain to maximize the value of your investment property. With our local knowledge and ownership, coupled with investment from the global Ray White brand, we offer our customers a one-on one personal service that is not a price.

How much does a property manager cost NZ?

According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, property managers charge a fee between 7.5 and 8.5 per cent of the rent. However, there are additional charges for carrying out credit checks, advertising the property, handling fees for payments.

I appreciate your hard work on both properties. Both units have gone over my expectations as property managers of these units. This is why I decided to leave the property to you and not to sell them. Four common mistakes in property investment. If you have the resources, creating an investment portfolio can be a great source of passive income.

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For the first time in my life, I was presented with the offer, “we are here to help you find the best tenant” and take charge of everything involved in signing an agreement with a new tenant. With Metro NZ as your Property Managers, your property portfolio is in best hands. Climber Property has been specialising in property management for over 14 years. It is by far the most effective Property Management Company we have worked with. Our Property Manager Lisa Curry has been amazing and pleasant to work with. 360 Property Management is a company we would recommend to anyone considering renting.

We will meet you on-site to examine the property and offer suggestions. We are blessed to have systems that allow us to work in a an environment that is paper-free. This allows us to quickly and precisely evaluate your property. It also helps to preserve the environment. Strategic planning and the systematisation of our processes are one of our strengths and we can proudly show off our Westpac Business Award in this category.