The Ultimate Guide To Solo Travel In New Zealand

New Zealand’s weather and road condition are perfect for biking. If you prefer to spend your time outdoors, Glenorchy or Milford Sound are nearby. It was indeed an amazing experience as it has to be because it’s Newzealand. And when you have a backup team of agents like Globe Trotting, you travel carefree. We had experienced all the climates there in the world in short trip to Newzealand. The Scenic Beauty was breathtaking while we were traveling from Queenstown towards Milford Sound.

Are there big bugs in New Zealand?

1.4 4. Waiheke Island.

True to off-grid conventions Owaka, the nearest town to the Catlins has a population approximately 400. This destination is best for self-driving. However, there are tour operators who will take you there. it. If you have the chance to see the Franz Josef glacier from up close, you’ll be welcomed by more than just an icy paradise. Solo travelers can choose to take a guided tour of the glacier. This usually takes between 2 and 3 hours. After admiring the ice floes you can always relax in the hot pools of the nearby township.

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Hostels are ideal hubs for solo travellers to connect and most of them offer dorms to suit your preference, including female-only, fewer beds and private rooms. In case we haven’t convinced you yet…Travel + Leisure Magazine recently named New Zealand as one of the best countries in the world for solo travellers. Many people travel by themselves on our small group tours. Everyone says that making new friends while on tour was the best part of their holiday. Hostels are available in all mid-sized towns. You can find people and tourists to meet, whether you’re looking for a companion for part or just to go to the pub.

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Take care when driving and, if you have passengers, pull over and let them go. Traveling solo is great because you can choose a smaller campervan that’s easier for you to maneuver around New Zealand’s narrow roads. This is ideal if your are a novice driver like me. All you need is a bed, storage space, and a kitchenette.


If you’re planning your solo travel itinerary for New Zealand, knowing a few tricks of the trade can be invaluable to getting the most out of your experience. Here’s my complete New Zealand travel guide, for solo travellers. It’s no secret that Aotearoa New Zealand or ‘land of the long white cloud’ is a top backpacking destination. A land full of adventure, it’s home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural sights in the world and the people are warm and friendly. Solo travel to New Zealand should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Adrenalin-inducing activities are ample, and include the iconic Zorb adventures and white-water rafting. One way of relieving stress and making the most of your solo travel is to join a backpacker tour. You don’t have to plan every day of your travels. There are many other backpackers you can make friends with. Many of them will also be solo backpackers who are looking for new friends.

You won’t contract any diseases from their bite and after a few itchy days, you’ll completely forget about them. No one wants to approach a big group of travelers but when you’re on your own, you suddenly become interesting, a puzzle that needs to be figured out. People are curious about who you are and what you’re doing and if you don’t have a massive posse, they will be much less intimidated to approach you. English is one of two national languages, the other being Maori, meaning that as long as you speak the international travel language marginally well, you’ll be absolutely fine getting around New Zealand. Use this time to also be freely open with any opportunities that come your way.

  • There are many affordable lodging options for singles.
  • This is something that only a few developed countries can offer, so we are happy to embrace it.
  • True to off-grid conventions, the nearest town from the Catlins, Owaka, has a population of approximately 400 people.
  • Australia is one of the hotspots of tourism these days, being known as one of the world’s leading most visited places.